BAS Vampire Blaster Cricket Bat
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BAS Vampire Blaster Cricket Bat

The BAS Blaster Cricket Bat has been made with a full profile with next to no concaving ensuring a massive Cricket Bat with a huge sweetspot. This would make a top match bat for a serious cricketer. 

The BAS Blaster weighs 2lb 9oz and has a huge profile. BAS are world renowned for their bat making skills. Beautifully and painstakingly crafted to create a bat which will deliver on the pitch. 

With simple beautiful stickers reminding you of the classic quality of the bat. Full profile with no concave profile developed with international cricketers, gives maximum power.

 Made from the finest quality English Willow.

* Hand selected to ensure highest quality and performance.

* The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.

* Comes with a padded bat case especially made for the bat.

* Mid level bulge for the improvisational stroke maker.

* 38-40 mm thickness of its edges.

* 6-10 Grains.

* 1160-1220 Grams weight.